Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Garnier Perfect Blur5 Sec Review

Few months ago I saw this Garnier Perfect 5 sec smoothing Base Perfector at priceline and could not resist to buy it since I'm always looking for a great Base product to go under my makeup.My main concern is the scarring under my right eye that most people say they can't see it until I tell them about it but I know it's there it's right there annoying me all the time.

I like the tube packaging of this product that really makes it easy to dispense the amount of product I want to use.I only use small amount to go all over on my face before I apply my foundation and I must tell you one thing that it does not blur anything in 5 seconds which I don't like about this product since it makes a claim to blur the sign of aging,wrinkles,pores and imperfections and shine in 5 seconds.

No it's does not blur anything instantly especially my biggest imperfection under my Right eye.However it takes a while let's say good 5 minutes to slightly blur the scarring but I have not been able to see any other visible difference.It works great in disappearing the pores though and feels pretty much like Benefit's POREfessional in terms of product consistency.Its very light weight and does not feel greasy after applying it under the makeup.I use it pretty much with any of my foundations.

On a positive note it's great if you have oily skin or T-zone like me.It instantly gives a smooth and matte looking face by controlling the oil.It can also be worn on its own or under the makeup.

I would definitely call this a dupe of Benefit's POREfessional and the great thing is you only pay $16.99 for this 22ml tube and it does last for almost a month if you are using it on regular basis.

Overall it's a perfect base product to achieve smooth base and to minimize the appearance of pores but I can't really comment on how it works on wrinkles since I don't have any at this stage.

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Have you tried this product? What are your thoughts?

This is not a sponsored Post.All opinions are my own and 100% genuine.


  1. This garnier product haven't available in my country.
    Want give it a try when it's available since you said this a great dupe for benefit's porefessional.
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  2. I have the loreal's magic blur primer but didnt see it blurred out my pores. I wish they give out samples first and see if it works. Can you do a before and after review with photos, if you don't mind? Anyway, very glad to stumble upon your blog. Love reading your reviews.


  3. Gotta love Garnier products. Lovely packaging and the texture looks good. Great review dear. :)
    Have a good day!


  4. This product sounds like a pretty good primer. I haven't really experimented with blurring primers, so I may have to give this one a go!

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

  5. Aww really, if its a dupe of Benefit's POREfessional then its a must buy, atleast for me. And best thing is its much cheaper than porefessional. I wish I would have checked this review earlier, will see if its available here!
    I did try from this link available here on your page but it never takes me to your facebook page!!


  6. I had not try this product but glad you did this review very honest and detail.

  7. So... Is this a primer, or more meant to be like Nanoblur?

    1. I can't compare it to nano blur because I had not used it but I see it as more like a primer that is able to blur some of the issues mentioned above 😌

  8. I had a awful experience with this product, it broke me out like crazy!

  9. Ohh it is too bad that it takes a couple of minutes before it blurs! ^ ^


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  11. Great review I love Love Frieda from L'oreal lipstick great shade I also love Blake. I need to try Garnier blur I love Benefit Porefessional so this grab my attention. Happy New Year doll.