Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Essence Bloom Me Up Collection

Spring is almost here and so as the new (limited) spring collection from Essence "Bloom Me Up" and this time The new collection is out with floral patterns combined with colours in Pink,Apricot and Lavender absolutely perfect for my favourite season of the year...

The products from "Bloom Me Up" available at priceline are

Bloom me up Lipstick 01 Rose it Up, 02 Chasing Lacy

Bloom me up Eyeshadow 01 Bloomylicious, 02 Rose It Up,03 Blow My Mint

Bloom me up Shimmer Powder 01 Rose It Up 

Bloom me up Duo Eye Pencil 01 Bloomylicious 

Bloom me up Blush Stick 01 Chasing Lacy, 02 Blooming Tender

Bloom me up Nail Polish in 01 Blow My Mint,02 Lovely Lavender,03 Blooming Tender,04 Chasing Lacy

Bloom me up Hair Band 

Bloom me up Nail Lace Tips

I picked up 2 Lipsticks in 

01 Chasing Lacy $3.65
02 Rose It Up $3.65

Rose it Up on (L),,Chasing Lacy on (R)

Both of these lipsticks looks pretty nude but upon swatching Rose It Up don't really have any colour instead it has slight shimmer included and that's the reason you can't really see any colour of it on my arm.Chasing Lacy turned into pinkish shade after swatching about 6 times but extremely sheer when applied onto lips considering it looks quite dark compare to the Rose It Up.

They look and give the feeling of a normal clear lip balm and I really wish if there were slightly pigmented because I don't really like clear lip balm looking lipsticks.The packaging however is much better than the normal essence lipstick you would find at priceline or target.

Before blending 

After Blending

I also got Shimmer Powder $5.75 and how cute is the packaging? I'm looking forward to use this as a highlighter and it also has shimmer innit but it's very subtle looking once blended in.

I did not feel the need of getting everything from this collection.The shimmer powder is a highlight for me from Bloom Me Up and that's it.

What do you think of the new collection guys? What are you going to pick?

This is not a sponsored post.All opinions are my own and 100% genuine.


  1. The whole range looks really cute! I personally don't prefer shimmer in such products! Lovely post! :)

    Have a blessed day :)

  2. Great collwction I need to try this brand.

  3. What a gorgeous collection!! I went to my local priceline to check out this line but they didn't have it :( Two thumbs up for Essence's marketing/design group.

  4. The collection looks really cute, I definitely want to check it out. The shades of the lipsticks look nice in the tube, but I think they're a bit too sheer for my liking.

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

  5. This collection is just adorable! Perfect for spring! Those lipsticks are too cute! xx

  6. love the softness of the colour - lovely and pretty. :)

  7. Fiquei curiosa para testar os batons, bjos

  8. lovely & tempting colors & tones


  9. Oooh very girly! I like!

    Have a great day <3
    isa |

  10. The packaging is cute, I like the cream foundation, I haven't tried any of their other stuff though.

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  11. This collection looks adorable- awesome post!!

  12. wow, wonderful colors ~ i really like it~
    ~ Thanks for sharing

    My blog ♥ Visit it cutie ^^

  13. Love the look of the pattern on the highlighter!