Saturday, 17 May 2014

Daiso Haul

Hey Gorgeous People,

Today I'm sharing My very first Daiso Haul.I was so excited to see what Daiso has in store since it was my first trip there.I did not go there to buy too much but I ended up walking out with all these goodies.Everything is $2.80 yes everything.Daiso is a Japanese company that sells everything in store for $2.80 yes everything.You can read more about Daiso here.
Here is everything I bought.

Charcoal Pore Pack
Décolleté & Neck Gel
Sleeping Pack
Natural Nose Pack
Whitening Milk
Emollient Cream
Cleansing Foam
Ribbon Barrette
Cotton Puffs X 2
Storage Baskets X 3
Makeup Stand X 2
Memo Pad

Now Daiso is like a two dollar shop to me and I have never ever in my life put any cheap products on my face so I was bit hesitant to pick there skincare products but one thing I noticed that changed my mind and I picked up some of these skincare products was that people actually buy and swear by some of there products.Most of the products were almost gone and they only had 1-2 of each product left and I thought Ok just give it a go and do a patch test as usual.

Have you ever been to Daiso? 


  1. Wow nice haul Varinder - I'm hoping Daiso open a store in Sydney some time, and I'm keen to know what you think of the beauty products :-)

    1. I was like a kid in a candy shop there kat lol my boys ran out of patience otherwise I was going to check everything they had 😀
      I used the pore strips and they r amazing will let u know about the rest of the stuff x

  2. Hauls are so super fun. I have been hauling too. Its like I'm never gonna stop. Will put up the new hauls soon. But I really want all that you got. Its so cute. The brand is not available in INDIA I guess. and even if it is it will be far away from home. I love the KAwaii stuff too but for now my hands are not near them.. They are so pretty. Wish*Wish*Wish*... One day I'm gonna get all...

    Keep In Touch and lovely post....You have me swooning.. Do visit......

    1. I love hauling for sure and I don think daiso is available in India cos I have nvr heard anyone talking about daiso
      Such a shame that daiso does not sell online,,, looking forward to see ur hauls xx

  3. That is a lovely haul.. i have heard of this brand .. the lippie holder is amazing.,, xoxo

    1. Thanks Natasha the holder is bigger than it actually looks in the picture x

  4. Daiso is one of my favourite places to go! so much unique things and cool ideas :) great find you got there ^^

  5. I want to go again but it's too far and I find it hard to drive with the little one,,,,x